Friday, 4 October 2013

How to Undo Sent mail in Gmail

Sending mail became our Routine process in our daily life. When we think about sending mail First Gmail strikes our mind. Almost every internet user have Gmail Account, Most of us have more than one Gmail account.

We use to send mail everyday and sometimes we will realize our mistake after pressing send button.

Common Mistake we Do

  1. Pressing the send button wrongly
  2. Typing the wrong email address
  3. Forgot attaching the file
  4. Attaching wrong files
  5. Forgot to check before sending and so on......
So Gmail Introduced a New Feature to undo sent or sending mails, below we will see step by step process to enable this.


1.  GOTO to Gmail
Click Gmail

2.  Now Click on Gear Button in top right Corner of the screen and Select Settings

Click on Gear Button

Click on Settings button
    3.  Now in the Settings page Click on Labs Tab after that you can see below window now just      enable Undo Send.  
Click On Lab Button after that use can see above window

Note: if you cant find Undo Send  just Scroll down otherwise type undo send in above search box.

That's it Undo Feature is enabled in your gmail account now u can undo or cancel the mail u sent
see the pictures below Before and after enabling

Before Enabling

Before Enabling

After Enabling

You can See above messages while sending a mail after Enabling Undo Feature in Gmail.

Varying Send Cancellation Period

Send Cancellation Period is nothing but a Time Delay (Default 10sec) to Undo a Sent mail After message has been sent that is you have 10 seconds to undo the mail after it has been sent. You can also set the time delay period manually just look at the picture below.

After Enabling Undo Sent mail feature in Labs Tab now press General Tab. Now you can see enabled undo send feature in that window below that you can see send cancellation period now set it from 5sec to 30sec as per your wish.

Thats it now you don't need to worry about the mail you sent wrongly, you have 30sec (maximum) to undo it. 

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