Friday, 25 October 2013

How to Activate Handwriting Support for Gmail and Google Doc

Google day by day improving their functionalities and adding new innovative features. Now Google brings mouse and trackpad handwriting support to Gmail in over 50 languages and Docs in over 20 languages. Lets See step by step process to enabling this feature.

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Enabling Handwriting Support tool in Gmail:

1.  Go to Gmail and Click on Gear button and select Settings. 

2.  Now Select General Tab and Enable input tools by selecting the check box.

3.  After Enabling, click Edit Tools(its just below the enable input tools) and following window will appear, add your language by double clicking the "All input Tools" and it will be added to "Selected input Tools".

4.  Click ok Button and save changes at the buttom of the settings page.

Once enabled, Whenever you sending mail or creating document select the handwriting input "represented by a pencil icon" of the language you want to use. 

Note: Once you enabled Handwriting tool in Gmail is also applicable to Google Documents too (if both Gmail Accounts are same)

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